SEO Analysis & Consulting
01 Job advertisement analysis
Keyword Research
Search Engine Optimization
Optimization of job advertisements
✔ Reduction of the individual "Time to hire"

✔ Target-oriented Recruiting

✔ Optimized texts for your job advertisements

✔ More traffic on your job advertisements→ more job applicants

✔ Acquisition of new customers
Our Strategy
In order to stay true to our key principle "interconnected and digital" and to fully use the potentials of search engine optimization (SEO), we will gladly take the optimization of your job advertisements into our own hands.

With our SEO Analysis & Consulting package, we will make your job advertisements even more successful, whereby we analyze and adjust them on the basis of contemporary SEO trends. We will consult you in terms of formulations, structure and user experience. These methods will guarantee you more returns and increase your chance of finding appropriate candidates for your vacant positions.

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