Recruitment Process Outsourcing
01 Briefing with the Hiring Managers and defining the process
Job Management & SEO-optimized job postings
Internal and external announcements & PR-Hearings
Applicant management and Interview processes
Setup of offers and contracts

✔ Access to the current pool of highly specialized professionals acquired from our consulting projects

✔ Reduction of the individual "Time to hire"

✔ Goal-oriented recruitment

✔ Modern approaches and highest expertise in the candidate experience sector, with the goal of improvement your employer brand

✔ Construction of a current and measurable talent pool for future vacancies

✔ Fast and uncomplicated cushioning of order peaks, as well as vacation and sick leave
✔ Use of efficient methods of complete 360° recruiting in the presence of a well-rehearsed team and on-demand re-thinking of target group-oriented and efficient talent acquisition processes
Our strategy
Our expertise includes the creation of job descriptions in connection with the different departments, all the way to the actual signing of the contract - all this in one completely care-free package in 360°-Recruiting.

With our principle "interconnected and digital", our on-demand recruiters and consultants in RPO are always goal-oriented and led by their rich experience in many contemporary consulting projects, with the goal of securing the best possible talent acquisition based on state of the art concepts.

In RPO, you will be assisted by a consultant throughout the entire recruitment process.
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